Top 7 Destinations in The Rising Star of Europe

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Montenegro is the new magnet for people seeking picturesque villas on the Mediterranean.

Rising Star Of Europe

If you're looking for a place with spectacular scenery and thrilling adventures for your next trip, you shouldn't look any further than Montenegro. Although small in size, Montenegro offers a large variety and abundance of nature, history, culture and tradition. The name of Montenegro means Black Mountain. This is because of the black pine trees that once covered the mountains of the country. The country is situated in the south-east of the Adriatic. In the morning you can wake up along the beautiful magnificent beaches washed by turquoise seas and enjoy an evening walk in the black mountains.

Here are our top seven places not to be missed in the Europe's Land of Fairy Tales.


Kotor attracts large numbers of tourists from all over the world for many years. The city was named the No. 1 Best in Travel City for 2016 by the world's leading travel media company.

You’ll need a few hours to visit all the attractions that are located in the city, but the Old Town is the most desirable district to stay longest. This fascinating old town, located in the Bay of Kotor, has a great number of monuments of the medieval architecture. Kotor will tell you about the amazing stories of the ancient legends. The old town of Kotor has also a large number of restaurants and hotels. In them you can try traditional tastes, as well as different splendid tastes from Balkan cuisine.


Perast is a small old town in the Bay of Kotor, few kilometres from Old Town. With its population of 349, Perast offers the most spectacular scenery, no crowds and exceptional hospitality. Near Perast there are two islets: one is called St. George and the other is called Our Lady of the Rocks. Visiting the islets in the summer can be a really interesting. During July and August various festivals occur there. The most famous of them is an event called Fasinada that takes place every year on the sunset of July 22. On the other hand, many small restarurants on the coast will offer you great fish specialities.


Budva, the capital of Montenegro's tourism, is famous for its dozens of sandy beaches and examples of centuries-old architecture. This makes the city a trendy seaside resort of the Europe. Apart from its natural beauty, Budva is important historic and religious monuments. During the summer, Budva Old Town hosts numerous local and international performances and shows. The wide range of accommodation, from very affordable to exclusive, make the city a one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the Europe.


Sveti Stefan is a town – hotel with 15th-century architecture that is located on an island connected to the mainland by a narrow strip. The strip surrounded by 2 magnificent red colored sandy beaches. This small fishing village was built by traders and fishermen in the 15th-century is now one of the most desirable destinations along the Adriatic Coast.


Durmitor Region is the most important part of the system of Dinara Alps. Fast and clear Tara River, Tear of Europe, gifted Durmitor a magnificent canyon called Canyon of Tara. Canyon of Tara is the largest in Europe and second largest in the world, after the Colorado Canyon.

From tracking to mountaineering, from Alpine or Nordic skiing to rafting on Tara River, from fishing to camping, many recreational activities can be found in Durmitor National Park.


“Proud Lovćen Mountain, head above clouds higher under you proudly considers all marvelous nature creates.”

~ Petar Petrovic II Njegoš

Lovćen Mountain is a black mountain in the system of Dinara Alps that gives Montenegro its name. The Mountain rises from the coastal region of Kotor and Budva, and offers you one of the most beautiful scenery in Montenegro.



Lovćen Mountain is the Spiritual Symbol of the country because the Mausoleum of Petar Petrovic II Njegoš, the Greatest Son of Montenegro, is placed on the top of the Mountain. If you’re looking for a sacred place with a magnificent view, Lovćen Mountain and Lovćen National Park is the best place for you. The best period for hiking, biking and climbing at the peaks of Lovćen Mountain is Spring and Summer.


Skadar Lake, the largest lake in Balkans, is one of the most famous national parks in Southeastern Europe for its diversity of flora and fauna. The Lake hides numerous endemic species. One of 270 kinds of birds that inhabit this Lake, an endangered kind of curly pelican is the symbol of the national park. From bird watching to fishing, from hunting to swimming and sunbathing, many recreational activities can be found around the Lake, and everyone can enjoy the thrilling adventures in great holiday.


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