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Get ready with your passport to experience a great summer holiday. We are almost in the summer. A timeless nightlife, warm waters, hot sand and more… All you need is just a white sand beach or a vibrant city. Here are the top 10 destinations for this summer !

Have you planned your holiday ?

1. The Bahamas

There is a risk of getting rain on hurricane season but June generally has a mild weather. A place that is not so crowded and with low prices. The Bahamas is a great destination for a familiy beach holiday. You will find a dream like crystal-clear water and nice beaches wherever you go in Bahamas. And hospitality of Bahamas will make you more comfortable!

2. Miami

Seriously hot! Absolutely unique nightlife, Latino and spicy salsa culture, dance, beaches and more… You will find all of them in Miami ! Dance in a nightclub, or taste great meals at one of the city’s famous restaurants. By day, go to beach and hit the fun of course, or just have a walk in Miami’s colorful architecture.

3. Angra dos Reis, Brazil

A beautiful coastal destination with natural beaches and hundreds of islands, Angra dos Reis lies at the south of Rio. With a little walk from the coast, you'll find a paradise of waterfalls, the Sierra Mountain Range, and coastal tropical forests. You can find the best beaches by following Estrada do Contorno which has the best surfing area in the region.

4. Belgrade, Serbia

With a rich history, Belgrade Fortress and more historical abundance, Belgrade features plenty of cultural attractions and lots of events that draw tourists from Europe. Located at the crossroads of the East and West, one of Europe’s oldest cities, the capital of Serbia, Belgrade has a rich cultural mixture, effect and styles with a mysterious and exotic unique atmosphere. European yet with eastern influences, Belgrade is a great holiday break, with tons of interesting attractions, magnificent architecture, perfect nightlife, great and cheap shopping, as well as a unique cultural scenery.

5. Taranaki, New Zealand

If you haven’t planned your summer trip to Taranaki yet, you must hurry up: The global travel guide publisher Lonely Planet has chosen Taranaki the world's second best place to visit in its Best in Travel 2017 Yearbook. You must try one-day walk at Mount Taranaki's Pouakai Crossing and the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery and Len Lye Centre is the region’s other unmissable experiences.

6. Chandigarh, India

An interesting mix of tradition and innovation. One of the world’s most exceptional urban creations Chandigarh is a purpose-built city designed by Le Corbusier in the fifties. This city is a masterpiece in concrete and you will find green spaces too. It’s a very lovable place if you love wide avenues and parks. If you are looking for an interesting summer trip, you should visit India and Chandigarh.

7. The Tuamotus, French Polynesia

Now close your eyes and dream: amazing corals are surrounding all of the sea – a perfect ring of small islands with sandbar edges. And delicious looking coconuts on trees. You probably remembered that tropical beach, trees and the sea that appears in countless adverts? Here is the real one. As if that weren’t enough, the Tuamotus are ranked as the world’s best dive destination, and that reputation has never been so justified: A tropical paradise is a great choice and a new live-aboard dive boat is launching in 2017.

8. Thailand

Unbelievable Natural Beauty ! You can be sure about experiencing two of the world’s greatest natural wonders even in a short vacation. The rainforest and the coral reef! Where the nature is alive in its most colorful and fantastic shape! Adventure, exoticism, romance and pure excitement, Thailand's nightlife is unique. Forget about sleazy back alley massage parlors; You will find beautiful traditional dancing, very special food culture, lively bars and night clubs.

9. Aysén, Chile

You can go by only one road to the Aysén region of Chilean Patagonia and if you follow its natural surroundings from start to finish you’ll see unique foggy fjords give way to brooding rainforests, blue lagoons, bone-dry pampas. Aysen is shaped by the ice power as earth’s third-largest freshwater reserve. Aysén is an extreme landscape in constant flux. Walking in glacier routes is a unique event for your vacation. Patagonia’s last frontier has never been such a delight to explore.

10. Canada

Canada is definitely a great country with island sights to scenic mountain waterfalls. This country offers tourists an amazing nature experience. Stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts, this old French and British colony has a rich legacy from the North Coast Indians of British Columbia to the French explorers of Quebec. You will feel like visiting two different countries with both French and English became the national languages. Canada has a charm for travelers who are interested in nature and cosmopolitan cities. You will absolutely feel the nature in this country!

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