Spain is fabulously rich in its history and sights, the bright, impressive and unique culture and traditions

Many of its tourist regions are interesting and attractive for people from different corners of the globe. Every year millions of tourists decide to visit Spain, a country that is one of the most important tourist destinations, and in recent decades has become the third most popular destination in Europe.

Spain is a beautiful and diverse country located in southwestern Europe.  Spain’s southern territories are a scenic Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Travelling to Spain offers a wide variety of spectacular scenery, a wealth of attractions and leisure. Spain is a country with great geographical and cultural diversity. Visit Spain and you will find everything from lush meadows, green valleys, hills and snowy mountains in northern areas to almost desert areas in the south. Its beaches are well known and worth a visit: the small and charming bays in the north and broad beaches in the south and east of the country, as well as the exotic beaches of the Canary Islands with volcanic black sand.

Visit Spain

Spain is an important center of world tourism which welcomes millions of tourists every year from all parts of the planet

Best Time Go To

The most favorable time to visit Spain depends on what you want from a trip: beach or ski vacation, familiarity with the culture, shopping tour or something else.


Like any other EU country, Spain has a modern and well-equipped transport system.


The weather of Spain is the most diverse in Europe due to its size, coasts and large mountain ranges.

Know Before You Go

Visiting a foreign country can be a little intimidating so here are some helpful tips for travelling to the most beautiful country in the world, Spain!

Top Destinations In Spain


Barcelona is the main tourist attraction in Spain and is the capital of the autonomous province of Catalonia - the most important from an economic point of view, the Spanish region. The city is an important industrial and commercial center, not only in Spain but also throughout Europe. Barcelona Port is among the ten busiest ports in Europe, and El Prat Airport - the largest among all the airports situated on the Mediterranean Sea. it offers everything tourists look for in a European city from historic architecture to lively shopping, vibrant culture and buzzing nightlife. Popular activities in Barcelona include strolling along La Rambla, a tree-lined pedestrian avenue, and sunbath on Barceloneta, one of the city’s most popular beaches.

The Alhambra and Generalife Gardens, Granada

Granada is the capital of the Granada province. Granada offers a perfect blend of traditional cultures, an animated nightlife and spectacular attractions including the world famous Alhambra. No matter how much you have read or how many pictures you have seen of Granada's Alhambra palaces, this Moorish pleasure palace will still take your breath away. The Alhambra complex includes several buildings, towers, walls, gardens, and a mosque, but it's the indescribably intricate stone carvings, the delicate filigrees, the magnificent tile-lined ceilings, the graceful arches that will haunt your dreams.

Las Islas Canarias

Spain has some of the most beautiful islands in Europe. Previously vacation in the Canary Islands was considered expensive, elite, but now the island are available for most travelers. Service, comfort and environmental conditions in the Canary Islands are still considered unsurpassed. And it's the only place in Europe where the whole winter you can relax on the beautiful sandy beaches. From a geographical point of view, the Canary Islands are an archipelago of seven large and several small islands. Tenerife - is the largest and perhaps the most visited of the Canary Islands. On the island as much as 12 climate zones - tropical forests and volcanic semi-deserts, gorges and dunes, beaches with black and white sand. You will not be bored!


This is the Spanish city that everybody likes, but not immediately. Start with the best center of all Spain, as it is called Puerta del Sol. This ebullient, full of young people is in the heart of the city.  The zero point, kilometro cero, where all Spanish roads begin. A two minute walk you will see Plaza Mayor, here for centuries were carried out public executions, the coronation, bullfights, and the courts of the Inquisition and various municipal and public holidays. Madrid as a magnet lures art lovers, you can look at the Rubens and Bosch, and museums of the so-called “Golden Triangle” (Prado - Reina Sofia - Thyssen-Bornemisza are relatively nemnogolyudny even in high season. Nightlife starts in Madrid on Wednesday and lasts until Monday morning. All this time in the bars and pubs frenzied fun, you should definitely have a meal in one of the small restaurants in Madrid. Lovers of the most extreme places in the direct path of Chueca district, which is famous for its bars, restaurants and nightclubs.


City Seville (Sevilla) is surrounded by mountains in the beautiful valley of the River Guadalquivir. Sevilla was founded as a Roman colony. On its territory for centuries arose and extinguished different civilizations. Hallmark of Seville became a huge Gothic Church of Maria de la Sede. It was built over a hundred years. Under the arches of the temple are kept the paintings of famous Spanish painters. Here is the tomb of Christopher Columbus. However, his son - Hernando Columbus - there really is buried. Many beautiful old churches in the historic town were rebuilt to Moorish mosques. From the monuments of civil architecture can be noted City Hall (Ayuntamiento). Main Seville holiday - Semana Santa (Holy Week). The action passes in a colorful Spanish carnival. At the end of Holy Week in the city of bullfighting season opens. Here is the oldest, the largest arena of Spain - Real Maestranza.


Valencia is a magnificent city, combining ancient and modern. In the XVI century Valencia developed rapidly. It has become the financial capital of Spain. At the heart of the historical area of Valencia is called the Holy Virgin (Plaza de la Virgen) patroness of the city. In Valencia you will find many modern architectural masterpieces. Ciudad de las Artes y las Sientsias which also became a symbol of Valencia was designed by Santiago Calatrava. Calatrava has also created the Music Palace project with amazing acoustics and comfortable layout of the room.


A small and seemingly completely unremarkable city of Huesca is located in the north-east of Spain in the beautiful nature of the Pyrenees in the Autonomous Community of Aragon. Huesca is an ideal place for peace and quiet. Its narrow streets are perfect for walks, and ancient buildings are striking in their beauty. one of the most majestic and beautiful buildings in the city is considered a great Cathedral in the Gothic style, which is located on a hilltop in the old part of the city, or as it is called, Casco Viejo. Its construction began in the XIII century and lasted almost three centuries. No less interesting place is also the Loarre Castle, which is located to the north-west of the city. This castle is one of the oldest Spanish fortresses that have survived to the present day. This place is also famous for its natural and and beauty.  Not far from Huesca is the natural park of Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park, which has received national status and protected by UNESCO. Since the city of Huesca is located in close proximity to the Pyrenees, is quite well developed sports tourism. A very popular, of course, enjoy the nearby ski resorts.

Top Experiences In Spain

If you choose to relax in Spain it is the right decision. A huge number of resorts are concentrated here where for everyone will be extremely comfortable.

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