Frequently Asked Questions



1. Questions about corporate and user accounts

1.1 Who are we? is a sales and trade system designed specifically for travel and tour agencies as well as corporate organizations, allows them to purchase cheap hotel, tour and flight tickets.

1.2 How does our Business Model work? provides a password protected system for all travel agencies to book travel related services worldwide with net rates.

1.3 How can I register for

You can register by submitting the register form on and then you can start using our platform.

1.4 As an agent should we always work under a franchise?

The business model of be formed of Local Franchises, agents and corporate clients which are connected to the system via Franchises. The model of helps to solve problems and find solutions locally for every user.

1.5 Should we pay for using the services of

No, system is absolutely free of charge for all travel agencies and corporate businesses

1.6 What do I do if I forget my password?

Please click the “Recover Password” link where you log in to the site. You will be able to reset your password by using this link.

1.7 How I can de-activate my account?

If you would like to de-activate your account, you can reach to Manage Account then you can de- activate your account. Also you can send email to about your request.

1.8 What if I create more than one user account?

Our system is checking your email address, that’s why you can only create one account for one email address.

1.9 How can I add more account for other users?

You can go to B2B page and click on “Manage Account” then can click “Add new user”. If you fill the form and send it the account will be created. Please note that you can only create one account via one email address.

1.10 How about the rates on in the different economic circumstances? gathers its rate from dozens of local and strong suppliers. Then it brings you the lowest rates with different alternatives. That’s why, Chehobo ‘s rate always gives you the lowest rate for 90% of the hotels compare to other systems.

1.11 Which locations we can search and how many hotels we can book in brings you the rates of and 475.000+ hotels from 193 countries, 70.000 cities.

1.12 Can we purchase flight ticket or rent a car in is complete travel solution. Right now it’s on process for Flight, Transfer, Tours, Rent a car, Event booking services and tickets.

1.13 Do you have reports for transactions or figures (profit) in the system?

The reports can only visible for agent admins. In the system admin can see reports for reservations, accounts, users, status of the bookings etc. You can reach the reports on “Manage accounts” screen.

1.14 How many languages are available in

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Arabic is available right now. The hotel descriptions are essentially in English.

2. Questions about organization,

2.1 Do you offer White Label or XML/API solutions?

Yes, about these request kindly contact us via for further information.

2.2 Do you offer net or commissionable rates?

We only offer net rates on the system.

2.3 How can I add commission in the system?

You can edit your mark ups by going to Manage Account function,

a) To be able to determine your default mark up, you need to follow steps below:

Manage Account > Edit Agent Settings.. You can change the mark ups for all products here.

When a new agent or user registers under your account, their account will automatically pick up the mark up from this

b) To change the mark up for an existing agent or user.

Agents can follow these steps: Manage Account > View Agents > Find the particular user and click on edit button.

You can change the mark ups for each product from here.


2.4 Do you accept group reservations?

Yes we accept group reservations through our email address and through our group request form on the website.

2.5 How can I apply to be a franchise of

Kindly send email to for your request, then we will get back to you immediately.

2.6 About purchases and account, who should I contact to?

For your requests and questions, kindly send email to

2.7 Which platforms that we can use

Our system is %100 web based. You can use with all of the web browsers. Also you can download our mobile applications via AppStore and Google Play.

2.8 Does have social media accounts? How can I subscribe?

You can subscribe to via Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn. You can follow our events thought these platforms.

2.9 How can I communicate with the Franchisee in my country?

You can find the contact details in If there is no franchise in your country, you can temporarily start working directly with

3. Questions about services,

3.1 If the system shows availability at a given hotel, is the availability really there?

We work with room allotments with hotels so the availability is really there. However at the time of booking even if showed available it happens that the booking doesn’t go through and is not confirmed due to technical reasons or update of allotment in the system. Please note that a reservation is confirmed ONLY when the status in the system is CONFIRMED. If you cannot get confirmation, please try to find another hotel which has availability.

3.2 Are these hotel rates per person/night or per room/night?

The rates displayed are per room per night prices. The rate which you see on the screen, calculated for the all parties of the accommodation and for all nights. When you mouse over to the price, you will be able to see the rate per room per night.

3.3 Is breakfast included in the hotel rates?

Some of our hotel contracts are done with breakfast and some hotels are contracted without breakfast. You can find the information for the meal type in the search results.

3.4 o you accept group reservations?

Yes we accept group reservations through our email address and through our group request form on the website.

3.5 Who do I contact if a reservation I have made requires action from the reservations department at

You can use the messages part in our system to contact our reservations department via Please note that amendments will be done ONLY if you send a request in writing.

3.6 Where can I see the cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy is provided to you after you click on the "Book Now" button on the search results. The cancellation policy might differ from booking to booking so it is very important to check the cancellation policy before making the booking.

3.7 What can I do for cancelling the room which I have purchased?

You can see the cancellation policy on the booking voucher, If the policy is available to cancel you can perform the cancellation on the system. If you purchased a booking which is not able to cancel or non-refundable. That would be not available to perform the cancellation. You can communicate with your agent or send email to

3.8 How can I amend particular things about bookings?

Policies about amendment and cancellation stated on the vouchers, through these rules you can contact your agent or send email to If the cancellation is not available, you will not be able to make amendment. For amending the guest names you can send email

3.9 Should I double confirm my booking with the hotel?

All of the bookings are creating in the electronic systems, because of the time differences the hotel confirmations cannot be immediate. For all of your request or questions about your bookings kindly contact us via

3.10 How can I get the information of the hotel which I would like to book?

If you click on the name of the hotel on the search page, you will be able to find all of the information.

3.11 What are the documents that I should carry at the time of check in to the hotel?

Booking Voucher which will be printed from the system and you ID Document or Passport will be enough for check in.

3.12 What should I do if a have a problem when im checking in to the hotel?

You can contact us 24/7 via our call center service, kindly call us about emergency at + 44 (20) 39 051 051.

3.13 How can I contact you about the a problem of my stay in the hotel?

Kindly contact us via or call us at + 44 (20) 39 051 051. Then our staff will help you immediately.

3.14 I cannot find the hotel which I saw before? What should I do?

Our system works on the real time availability data, so unavailable hotels might not displayed in the system.

3.15 The tax will be added on the price? How can I learn about the text amounts?

Our rates are net rates. But in some countries the rules may change. Most of the taxes will be included in the price on the purchase. You will not see any information about this on the voucher. Hotel also wont ask additional payment from you. But in some countries, the tax collection will be made by the hotel on the arriving day. On our voucher this information will be under IMPORTANT with all details. You might need to get ready for these kind of payments. All of these payments are not related with

3.16 I didn’t receive my voucher, what should I do?

You might enter your email address wrongly or the email came to the spam mail box. If you still didn’t find the reason, you can reach us via or contact our call center and give your booking number than our staff will help you about this matter and send you the voucher again.

3.17 How can see the info about the hotel and the room which I will stay?

If you click on the name of the hotel on the search page, you will be able to find all of the information.

3.18 How I can find the location of the hotel or finding the hotels in certain area?

You can click on “Show Map” and see your hotel on the map. Also if you would like to see other hotels in that area, you can also click on “Show Map” then see the hotels on the map.

3.19 What kind of services we can get from chehobo about the area of the hotel? uses all of the services of Google Map. When you are viewing the map you can see the little icon of stick man, if you click there then you can drop the icon in to the map for located area. Then with this services you will be able to virtually walk on the street or visit the whole area.

3.20 How I can make a request about the room while I’m making the booking?

While you are making the booking in the last page you will be able to choose the selected requests, or you can fill the box for your other requests.

4. Questions about the payment models,

4.1 When Im make the payment online via credit card, will I be able to print my voucher?

Yes, when you finalize the payment you will be able to print the voucher.

4.2 How I will make the payments of my bookings?

While you are purchasing your room, the system will direct you to the online payment page. Meanwhile you will be able to finalize the payment via Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

4.3 Is it possible to make payment via credit card?

Yes, you will be able to finalize the payment via Visa, Mastercard or American Express. If you will face any issue, kindly reach us via

4.4 How your system is protecting my credit card details? never save your credit card details, we only work with secure 3D online payment systems.

4.5 What if my credit card limit is not available for the transaction, can finalize the deal with another method?

In this case, you make the payment partially or you can select another product which has lower rate. In our system there is no other payment method such as Bank Transfer.

4.6 How you will refund the money, if I already pay with my credit card and my booking is able to cancel?

Depends on the cancellation policy of the hotel, the refund transaction will be done by our online payment partner in 7 day to your bank.

4.7 I made my transaction in my local currency but on the purchase section, system calculates the amount as USD, will you charge me in USD?

Because of is working in different countries of the World, just to make it easy for local users Chehobo system calculates the rates locally but on the purchase section system uses the best rate available and finalize the transaction in USD from your card and your bank will calculate the rate on that date then will put it in your account. In this case there is nothing will be disadvantage for you.


5.1 Contact details for communication, : Subjects about starting to use as Franchise, Agent or Corporate : Subjects about rooms, hotels, reservations, amendment, cancellation, refund : All technical subjects about the system. : Accounts, payments, credit card payments and all account based subjects. : General information and requests.

5.2 Who should I contact for emergency matters?

For emergency kindly call us via + 44 (20) 39 051 051, this line gives 24/7 for our users.

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