December is time to go premium

Sencer Turčinović

We started an amazing campaign to join member system in December. Instant 25% discount for all premium fees in December

December is time to go premium

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2% Discount

2% Discount

Members receive discounts from

2.500 $ up to 40.000 $ monthly!

Standart Member up to 2.500 $/monthly

Silver Member up to 5.000 $/monthly

Gold Member up to 10.000 $/monthly

Platinum Member up to 25.000 $/monthly

Platinum+ Member up to 40.000 $/monthly

Urgent Purchase Credit

Premium Members oblige with subscription fees annually benefit from Urgent Purchase Credit.

They can make payment for their purchases in 15 days.

This feature applies only to members who pay their membership fee annually.

Credits received are

Bronze: 25 USD/M,

Silver: 50 $/M,

Gold: 100 $/M,

Platinum: 250 $/M,

Platinum+: 400 $/M Payments are made 3 times a year.

1 month free for annual payments.

Various Gifts

Premium members benefit from various gifts and surprises.

Premium members receive discounts for Hilton and Emirates tickets purchases for themselves.

Platinum and Platinum+ Members can benefit from airport lounges all around the world with their Priority Pass.


become premium member

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