According to Chehobo, Star of The 2016 : Thailand

We had a tough 2016 with some global developements and problems but we can say that it was a good year for us, our business partners and the sector. Tourism will be there forever and people will keep exploring. And a tourism star has appeared in 2016 : THAILAND. We detailed this choice for you entirely based on Chehobo`s data.

Sencer Turčinović

You can always find tourists in Thailand at any time of the year. That means you can go anytime. The tropical, hot, humid and rainy climate of Thailand is simply divided into three seasons.


1. Looking For A Safe Holiday ?

If you are looking for safety in your holiday, Thailand is a safe place to travel. Crimes like physical attacks against the person are far less likely than in many other nations. Just you should be careful of your surroundings and personal safety when out, pretty much just like in your home country. Thailand is one of the few countries where travelling ladies can safely travel alone. The only security advice is be aware of possible frauds.

2. Holiday At Anytime Of The Year

You can always find tourists in Thailand at any time of the year. That means you can go anytime. The tropical, hot, humid and rainy climate of Thailand is simply divided into three seasons. The periods of these seasons can vary from region to region. However, It’s always nice and comfortable to travel. The average annual temperature is between 30 and 35 ° C. The lowest temperature is between 20 and 27 ° C.

We can say that Thailand and Pattaya can be visited every month of the year. Rain, and sometimes the suffocating humidity, does not last long and for those who prefer Bangkok or Pattaya for night life, Thailand`s weather and climate would not matter much because they spend most of their time indoors.

3. Endless Activitiy List!

Thailand is known for her long beaches or hotel pools but there's a lot more for you. The list of activities here is seemingly endless. You can do watersports in Pattaya, Samui and Phuket while world-class golf links can easily be found anywhere in the country. Thai spas are world famous for their unique treatments and trekking is amazing since Thailand`s outdoor activities are also a very popular due to her natural beauty. Also Thai Boxing classes became very popular too! You should try and enjoy it !

4. Unbelieveable Natural Beauty

You can be sure about experiencing two of the world’s greatest natural wonders even in a short vacation. The rainforest and the coral reef ! Where the nature is alive in its most colorful and fantastic shape !

Thailand is a natural paradise where more than 10% of the world’s animals live. Elephants, tigers, leopards and many more species. If you are a birdwatcher, Thailand is a paradise with more than 900 bird species migrating to, or living in.

5. Unique Night Life !

Adventure, exoticism, romance and pure excitement, Thailand's nightlife is unique. Forget about sleazy back alley massage parlours; You will find beautiful traditional dancing, very special food culture, lively bars and night clubs. ‘One night in Bangkok’ can really make a nervous man peaceful. Chiang Mai nights are charming and Phuket nights are excited. You must visit Thailand to discover more.

With Chehobo`s expertise, we can say the star of 2016, Thailand is a holiday paradise for you. You will understand the beauty of this excited country when you walk in its streets !

Best Time Go To

The best time to travel to Thailand is considered between November and March. The cool season offers more manageable temperature and the rains often gives break for you to enjoy the country. Still it is important give heed to the forecast before you plan your travel.


Only in Bangkok you can find above ground and underground rail systems. Aside from that there is an abundance of taxis and you can always negotiate even though they are metered. Bangkok being the main attraction has also a large network of busses to travel around.


From July to October, due to the monsoon season boat services to some islands might shut down.

November to March, following the monsoon Thailand presents a dry and cool season. This is considered to be a good time for travelers including visiting Thailand for Christmas.

The rest of the year averages around 30°C. People walk in slow pace and you can find small motorcycle type taxis all around even for your shortest distances.

Know Before You Go

In Thailand English is widely spoken. Though the locals will appreciate your attempt in learning Thai Language, you would still get by only speaking English in the whole country.

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